Abeokuta, who’s name and music is inspired by Fela Kuti (Fela was born in a city called Abeokuta), is from Recife, capital of Pernambuco State, and is one of the main Afrobeat bands in the Northeast of Brazil. Jedson Nobre, bass player, founded the group in 2012 after travelling to Rio de Janeiro, where he met drummer Tony Allen and Oghene Kolgbo who both played in Fela Kuti’s band.
Abeokuta adds an Afrobeat footprint to the popular culture found in the rhythms of Pernambuco. When decorating Afrobeat with the dress of the popular music (Maracatu, Caboclinho, Frevo and Afoxés from the musical experiences of percussionists), the band approaches listeners with the regional identification of Brazil.
Jedson says that their style is affectionately called “Afrevobeat” by their collegues from Abayomy in Rio de Janeiro, as they sometimes include the beat Frevo as well, as can be listened here:


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