Anelis Assumpção


Anelis Assumpção is a brazilian singer and songwriter who mixes sensual vocals with irreverent arrangements, hints of dub, afrobeat and Brazilian grooves. Daughter of the deceased singer and composer Itamar Assumpção, Anelis represents the free spirit of the avant-garde of Sao Paulo music scene as well as the touch of originality she inherited from her father. The São Paulo roots run deep, taking the music forward, capturing something new, even though it still retains the live vintage/analogue flavor. Her lyrics in English, Portuguese and Spanish present an uncompromising poetry, through interlaced words, full of social criticism, about love stories, experiences and food.

Her debut album, “Sou Suspeita, Estou Sujeita, Não Sou Santa” (“I’m suspicious, I’m subject, I’m not holy”) (2011) received complimentary reviews and led her to major festivals and line-ups in Brazil and Portugal. Her second “Amigos imaginários” (“Maginarian friends”) of 2014 was mixed by dub master Victor Rice and includes tracks with heavy bass lines and cloudy climates that evoke the numbing sense of night in a Latin American megalopolis such as São Paulo.

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