Ben Charles & Los The Os

Ben Charles & Los Os is from Roraima state located at the boarder triangle of Brazil/Venezuela/Guyana. A multi-instrumentalist and music producer with more than 30 years experience, he records and plays all of the instruments on his records, as a one-man band.
With a pleasing blend of Amazonian and Caribbean rhythms like carimbó, bolero, salsa, rumba, reggae and samba, Ben challenges the listener to anthropophagic reflections of philosophical urgency in defense of the Amazon, while simultaneously making the voices of the forest echo with electronic beats, indigenous drums, afro grooves and space guitars. From this mix, a modern Amazonian/Brazilian music has emerged.
In his works, Ben Charles seeks to address political, social and environmental issues, with poetic lyrics, peppered with humor, sometimes non-sense, sometimes acid, but always human.



Tracks on Kafundó Records