Musician and DJ, Esmeraldo Marques, artistically known as ChicoCorrea, is a multi-instrumentalist, band leader, composer, and pioneer in the fusion of northeastern brazilian folk music with electronic music. He is part of a new generation of producers creating Brazilian Bass music, focusing his artistic creativity on the oral traditions of native country and the low frequencies of sound system culture. His track “Cantador (2014 RMK)” features on Kafundó Vol. 2.

In live performances, whether with his band or on the spot collaborations, method is to improvise over a defined structure. “The connecting threads are the electronic grooves,” says Esmeraldo, who plays guitar, triggers electronics, and manipulates effects in real time during performances. He is a bit of an outboard gear head, his gear often covering a large table top – Korg step sequencers, drum machines and modular synths, effects pedals, a myriad of midi controlers running Ableton Live.

From João Pessoa, Paraíba, Esmeraldo’s work reflects a strong connection with regional rhythms from the northeast, such as baião, maracatu, embolada, and coco while simultaneously reaching out and meshing with electronic elements from ragga, jungle and hip hop to dub and bass music.

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