Combo X


Formed in Pernambuco by Gilmar Bolla 8 (percussionist and founder of Nacão Zumbí) and fellow musicians from the neighborhood of Peixinhos in Olinda – Gilmar Bolla 8 (vocal), Negro Nido (vocal), Nilo Baj (gaita e vocal), Bruno Quem Queira (bateria), Carlos Pérez (bateria), Dehlê Moura (percussão), Rinaldo Karinbo (percussão), Leo Lira (guitarra), André Negão (baixo), Bactéria (teclado e piano) e Zymba (trombone), Combo X’s first steps took place in 2007 between the cities of Olinda and Recife, specifically at the Centro Cultural Nascedouro de Peixinhos, at the invitation of percussionist Naná Vasconcelos to Gilmar Bolla 8 of the band Nação Zumbi to create a project with Afro-Brazilian rhythms.

Produced by a kind of dream team of Brazilian producers – Bactéria, Bid, Gilmar Bolla 8, Evaldo Luna, Kassin and Buguinha Dub, their first release, A Ponte (2013), was a homage to the leader of the Movimento Mangue, Chico Science, who died in 1997. While they still haven’t been together as a band for very long, they have already played the festivals Rec-Beat and Porto Musical, both in 2013, Recife:

Here is their video clip for the track “Rei Urbano,” in homage to Chico Science:

From their press release:

“A veritable musical laboratory, Combo X is highlighted by its characteristic format of wind instruments and percussion. The trombone and horns combine with beats of the alfaias, timbals, snares, abe and gonguls, 2 drum sets and lots of effects gives it life, expressing popular folks songs with lyrics on day to day issues. Their sound is charged with african rhythms, and traditional elements of popular north eastern popular culture like frevo, maracatu and afoxé.

The music is made by those who had the protection of the Orixás to conquer currents and difficulties, infantile malnutrition and racism, the bad eye and other malices. Around here, my brother, in the rock wilderness, everything is more difficult, it’s where the sun burns stronger and the bullet shaves by even more closely – where “only the strong survive,” to cite Grandmaster Flash.

In this concrete jungle, there’s only one way to escape. This way is collective, the product of time and of the multitudes, it’s called Culture, the strong seed that nurtures the bay without forgetting the mind. through this are born the true miracles: the old slaughterhouse re-named the “birth-house”, the groove of samba-reggae that transformed into something else, so indecipherable in it’s complex mixture that it’s better to call it Mangue (swamp), the hymn of maracatu that becomes the hymn of hip hop that becomes the slave ship tale that becomes the dance of Majê Molê and scatters like a virus to the 5 continents.”

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