DJ Incidental

Multi-instrumental musician, composer and music producer, DJ Incidental (Eudes Ciriano) surrounds himself with local folk music, working with local groups as well as traveling around Brazil in search of new sounds. His in person research is augmented by his research on the internet. With all the information gathered, he creates and develops natural grooves of the Northeastern Brazil within the context of an electro-digital music. DJ Incidental is a wanderer. He frequently visits big fairs, festivals and parties that have Brazilian, African and European underground music as the basis of his works. DJ Incidental’s favorite grooves and beats are linked to female sensuality, so he loves to play music that stimulates waist swinging and ballroom dancing with hot rhythms that pervade bodies around the world. Focusing on his DJ career for over 8 years, he has played in the biggest independent music festivals in Brazil and is part of the band Superlage which has a track released on “Kafundó Vol. 3: Electronic Roots from NE Brazil”.

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