Marco Aurélio Marinho aka DJ MAM has been DJing and representing dancefloor compatible Brazilian music with an electronic touch since 2002. He has played at major events in Brazil and beyond such as New Year’s Eve at Copacabana beach.

In 2012, he released “Sotaque Carregado” (heavy accent), a diverse round-up of songs inspired by his travels throughout Brazil, urban and rural. From the sounds of the beaches of the northeast to the hills of Rio de Janeiro, human-ness sets the tone of the album. Songs from this release were also remixed by artists present on Kafundó compilations such as FurmigaDub, Mauro Telefunksoul and Lucio K. The results were released on an album of remixes entitled “Sotaque Recarregado” (play on words – heavy accent reloaded), which brings an unexpected freshness, while still staying true to the musical accents of contemporary Brazil.

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