DJ Tide

Musician, sound editor and music producer, DJ Tide began his career as a DJ in 2008 via his research on tropical culture from diverse regions of the world. Cumbias, merengues, sembas, kizombas, afoxés, cocos and carimbós started to pass through the DJs’ filters, getting remixed in styles oriented toward the dance floor and large sound systems. By 2011, the rhythms of the north and northeast of Brazil dominated his interest and began to define his work as a music producer. His fun and creative productions flirted with popular genres like axé, pagode, arrocha and brega. His work has been released by record labels and radio programs in USA, France, Mexico, Germany, Portugal and beyond. He is one of the creators and residents of the parties Je Treme Mon Amour and Festa Mel in São Paulo.

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