Felipe Cordeiro

Felipe Cordeiro is known for mixing latin american tropicality with Brazilian Pop Music (MPB) in a special way where electric guitar, beats and lyrics intersect. Whoever has heard it, confirms it – it’s almost impossible to stay still to the exciting sound of this musician from Pará. Felipe is one of the main names in the contemporary music scene in Brazil, with a growing following in other countries as well. His vigorous rhythmic sound, defined as Tropical Pop, references jovem guarda, guitarrada, vanguarda paulista, carimbó, cumbia and digital music.

His two releases, “Kitsch Pop Cult” (2012), produced by André Abujamra, and “Se Apaixone Pela Loucura do Seu Amor” (2013), produced by Kassin and Carlos Eduardo Miranda, were critically acclaimed. He composed “Ela é Tarja Preta” with the ex-Titãs member, Arnaldo Antunes. His hit track, “Problema Seu,” was voted the best song of 2013 by Rolling Stone Brasil and is always sung by the entire audience when he plays live. In 2013, he toured in Europe including an appearance at the Roskilde Festival in Denmark. In 2015, he recorded the song, “Virou,” in collaboration with Tulipa Ruiz, which appeared on her latest album, “Dancê.”

Affectionately nick-named, “papai,” his father, Manoel Cordeiro is a guitarist and key figure in Felipe’s band. Revered by the younger generation, Manoel produced hundreds of records in the 70’s and 80’s that consolidated the popular dance music of the North of Brazil, with genres like lambada, brega, electric carimbó, boi bumba and guitarrada.

Full live show on Estúdio Showlivre, May 26, 2015:


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