Felipe Pomar


In 2003, Felipe Pomar and his brother Frederico Santana had the idea to create a musical production label or space where artists could meet to make music and show their work, without commercial pretensions and free from the pressure of the music industry. This is how Subterrâneo Records appeared.

Born and raised in Bahia in the neighborhood of Northeastern Amaralina, Felipe Pomar is a music producer and multi-instrumentalist. and has produced artists like Betho Wilson, Livia Nery, Junix, TrapFunk & Alivio and others. He has also worked with music producers such as Kashaka (NY) and DJ Moma (NY). He also produced trumpet player Jill Scott (ORL), Morena Leraba (South Africa) and Lunik Gro ‘(Paris, France) recorded in the studio of Femi Kuti. With great mastery and versatility, Felipe feels the music and puts tones within the various color options.

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