Frevotron is the name of the project which unites DJ Dolores, Mestre Spok and Yuri Queiroga, dedicated to reinventing Frevo and presenting it in a surprising and modern form.  Frevo is the traditional music of the streets of Recife and Olinda, which had its gold era decades ago, and is now a music mostly restricted to Carnaval. The sound of Frevotron transits between beats and synthetic timbres, jazz, dub and a furious guitar in dialog with the precision of the saxofones, all under the inspiration and blessing of frevo.

The saxophonist and maestro, Spok, has dedicated himself to reinventing the genre by fusing it with jazz, updating it and expanding it to international territories beyond the limits of the reign of the Momo (king of carnaval). At the same time, DJ Dolores has worked from the electronic side of music, bringing unusual styles, fusing and creating hybrids which bring freshness and novelty for international dance floors.
Yuri Queiroga is a renowned producer and multi-instrumentalist based in Recife. Originally released independently, the album has the participations of Otto, Jorge du Peixe (Nação Zumbi), Lirinha, MC Sombra, Marion Lemonnier and Jam da Silva.  The cover art is by the Shiko, an artist from João Pessoa.

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