Lord Breu


From Salvador, Bahia, Lord Breu describes his music as Bass Music ::: Guetto Bass ::: Tropical Bass ::: Bahia Bass. I’m not sure, but I think the dots might simbolize waves of bass eminating in the four directions…

He began working with music in 2004, always with the intention to combine local afro-brazilian elements with electronic beats.

Here’s a pretty raw video (read VIBES!) of Lord Breu with MC Don Maths at Commons Studio Bar, Salvador – killer sound system chat style rapping over kuduro-ish track:

and at at Festival Oferendas LáLá, a live mash up of “limb by limb” leading up to a big bass drop –

Lord Breu has had a consistent stream of tracks released on Bahia Bass, Braza, latino Resiste and Mal Dicen. He appears on Kafundó Vol. 2; Roots and Bass Music from Brazil with the track “Cortejo Grave.”

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