Lurdez da Luz


Lurdez da Luz from São Paulo is not new to Brazil’s Rap scene. In the 2000s she was part of Mamelo Sound System and released her first self-titled solo album in 2010. The song “Andei” went on to enter the Brazilian top 10 at that time.

Apart of collaborations with national rappers and musicians such as Black Alien, Naná Vasconcellos, DJ Marky, 3naMassa and Nação Zumbi she worked together with international artists like Afrika Bambaataa and Wax Poetic.

With her single “Levante” released in 2012 she stepped more into electronic Bass music.

After a phase of experimenting, her second album “Gana pelo Bang” established a more solid phase where she poetically combined the perspectives as a chronicler of the streets with her own personal experiences. Music-wise, the album is always Bass heavy, but permeated with funk Carioca and north(-eastern) insinuations as on “Ping Pong”.

The song featured on Kafundó Vol. 3 was produced by Leo Justi, who is one of the main figures of the Neo Baile Funk scene (which he reps under his own concept of Heavy Baile) bringing Rio’s favela beats to the next level. The lyrics of “Naija” are about the daily battle of African immigrants in Brazil, racism and machism.

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