Mamah Soares, proud son of Toni Merengue (Seu José Antônio) and restless artist, is a talent full of hereditary baggage. Percussionist, singer, songwriter, arranger and music producer, he began his career as a young musician in the junino samba groups and was part of various important musical groups in Salvador such as Timbalada, O Pagolada, Orelha de Van Gogh and Lampirônicos.
In 2007 he traveled to Portugal, where he spent one year teaching percussion classes and performing as a musician. During his musical journey, he found his groove in the experimental and innovative fusion of Ijexá, Samba, Hip Hop, Trip Hop and Afro-Latin music. This experiences contributed to the establishment of his musical identity, and enabled him to follow new paths, including producing several additional projects: Baía Voodoos (with DJ Mangaio and Marcelo Seco from Baiana System); Trilha na Hora (with bass player Milton Pellegrini) and Coletivo di Tambor (musical group lead by Mamah).
In his work as an arranger, he creates rhythmic concepts, having created music for the short films “Olho de Boi” and “Cuíca de Santo Amaro”. His arrangements can also be heard on the EP “Rimas and Riddims Vol. 1” from Clube do Ragga, the song “Quem quer dendê” from Bemba Trio and the song “Da Calçada pro Lobato” by Baiana System, as well as in collaboration with producer Maga Bo.

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