Môa do Katendê


Mestre Môa do Katendê from Salvador, Bahia is an steeped in Afro-Bahian traditions. Composer, dancer, capoeirista, percussionist, craftsman and educator, he discovered his roots by the age of eight at the terreiro (location where the ceremonies of Afro-Brazilian cults take place) of his aunt. In the 60’s and 70’s, he participated in various Capoeira groups and Samba schools and by 1978 he founded his first own Afoxé group called “Badauê”. Moving to São Paulo in the late 80ies, he continued to give workshops and concerts as well as constantly traveling to Europe and Colombia to spread Afro-Brazilian culture. As a composer, he has dedicated himself to writing the memoirs of great masters of popular culture from the history of Capoeira Angola in Bahia. As a craftsman, he has worked on making instruments such as berimbau, caxixí, xekeré, as well as administering workshops. As a percussionist and dancer, he has been involved in the teaching and presentation of rhythms and dances linked to the popular culture of Bahia, especially the re-reading of the traditional Afoxés.

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