The band naurÊa is from Aracajú, the capital of the tiny state of Sergipe in the northeast of Brazil. Founded in 2001 their name is an onomatopoeia of how it sounds pronouncing quickly “Na orelha” which means “on your ears”. They play what they call Sambaião which obviously is a fusion of Samba and Baião. The musical mix is reflected in the instrumentation that joins typical drums of the Forró and Baião like zambumba with the surdo de samba (Samba bass drum). Apart from Sambaião they include other musical influences in their sound, from Brazil and abroad. From Afro-Brazilian beats to Reggaeton, Cuban melodies, Cumbia and styles from Eastern Europe; from Caribbean style guitar riffs to an R&B and Hip Hop approach. The idea – way beyond the musical mix – is to show the potential of Forró and to have a unique sound of their own.

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