Born in Natal, Rio Grande do Norte and now based in São Paulo, Neguedmundo’s work is a mix of dub, global bass, hip-hop, dub and afro-beat with northeast brazilian music – coco, ciranda, forró and samba cabula. His lyrics focus on the roots of afro-brazilian identity, freedom and a concern with creating a better world for all.

A prolific collaborator, he has worked or performed with virtually all of the well-known sound systems around Brazil as MC and toaster. His first album, “Música de Preto,” a collaborative production by him, Gabriel Solto and Buguinha Dub, was released in 2007. Since then, his focus has been on live performances – both as an MC in the context of sound system culture, but also with live bands.

Here’s a clip from Neguedmundo’s performance in collaboration with Buguinha and Projeto Nave on Brazilian tv show, Manos e Minas:

Filmed in São Paulo, here’s a video clip for “Caminhada Dub” – Dubatak featuring Neguedmundo:

Here’s a a track that mixes the flow of embolada and coco, the northeast Brazilian rhythm ciranda and dub:

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