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From Salvador, Bahia, Opanijé is a trio of talented musicians, formed by Luis Guilherme (DJ Chiba), and the brothers, Lázaro Castro (Lazarus Ere) and Rone Dum Dum (Rone Erik) has two meanings. The name of the group has two meanings, first, it is a sacred rhythm in the Afro-Brazilian religion of Candomblé which is palyed during the annual festa, Olubajé (the word comes from Yorubá and means “those who accept eating”). The abbreviation, O.P.A.N.I.J.É., stands for “Organização Popular Africana Negros Invertendo o Jogo Excludente” (African People’s Organization of Negros Inverting the Game of Exclusion). Both meanings are reflected in references to Black culture, afro rhythms and instrumentation and their lyrics shooting all over the place in political protest. The influence of the worldwide Hip Hop movement and culture, philosophy and world worldview reverberates in their messages of protest against social injustice.

In 2012 they were invited by the percussion and brass band Orkestra Rumpilezz to participate in a show in São Paulo where the fusion of Afro-Brazilian rhythms and rap is impressively demonstrated:

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