Os Nelsons


Founded in 2010, the band Os Nelsons is made up of Raoni Kanalha (vocals), Ericson Feitosa (Guitar), Barata Bass (Bass) and Rafa Dias (DJ) and they define themselves as part of the Hi-Fi diaspora. Their raw beats are a mixture of traditional afro-brazilian percussion from the state of Bahia and contemporary global rhythms such as Dancehall, Kuduro and Soukous. The original acoustic drum pulses get transformed into digital code where it dialogs with ghetto music from all over the world.

Being from Paulo Afonso, in the middle of the desert region in Northeastern Brazil called the Sertão, their music is free from preconceptions as they are influenced by different artists such as Jackson do Pandeiro, King Tubby and Buraka Som Sistema. They created their own musical language to connect with the whole world without losing their identity.

In 2013 they participated in the Bass Culture Clash where Brazilian Bass related artists teamed up with musicians based in the UK for joint events in both countries.

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