Radiola Serra Alta


Hailing from the city of Triunfo, in the interior of the northeastern Brazilian state of Pernambuco, Radiola Serra Alta are a production duo working with a mix of local traditional music and electronic music.  Their music seeks to bridge the arid, high plains of Pernambuco with the experimental depths of the international underground music scene.

Dressed in masks and costumes (depicting the local folkloric characters from the Triunfo carnival, Veinha and Careta), Radiola Serra Alta presents what they call modern electrococo based on the rhythms of coco de roda and forró. Their most recent record, released independently, Computador de Ciço, was produced by Chico Correa, another artist present on Kafundó.

A live clip from their performance at the Festa dos Estudantes in Triunfo, Pernambuco:

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