The percussion group Rumbanda was founded in 2001 by the percussionist of Nação Zumbi, Toca Ogan, as a musical project for teenagers in the neighborhood of Peixinhos in Olinda, Pernambuco. “Rum” refers to the name of the lowest drum (atabaque) used in the cults for the orixás. The Rum is normally played by the master drummer which plays variations and solos and directs the dancing.
As a band only made up of women, its members want to show that women have been conquering their space and exercising their autonomy as protagonists in a musical world that is still dominated by men.
Rumbanda shows through its music a re-reading of the influences of the African culture and its mixture with the roots rhythms of Pernambucan culture, resulting in a rich and enchanting combination for the ears and eyes.

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