Silvério Pessoa

Silvério Pessoa was born in Carpina, 47 km north of Recife. His mother, Dona Ivete, was an accordian teacher, and so it was said that music and song are in his genetics. He was part of the Manguebeat movement at its height, playing with the group Cascabulho, when he began to delve into the legacy of Jackson do Pandeiro, which has become a central part of his musical identity.

Inspired to mix ciranda with baião, forró with maracatu, with references and reverences to great artists and their songs. He dialogs with rock, pop, punk and electronics, a true musical syncretism of everything that he sees and hears in his travels and collaborations. The track that he contributed to Kafundó Vol. 4 is a spicy stew of baião, embolada with swirling dub effects.

Since 2003, Silvério has been making tours around the world, having played in Europe at Sfinks Festival in Belgium, Fête de la Musique in Paris, the Rainforest Festival in Borneo, Malásia, Tokyo, performing, collaborating with local artists as well as giving workshops and discussions.

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