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The artistic name “Sombra” of Jorge Antonio Andrade de Jesus Santos which means “shadow” comes from the fact that he always walked along following his best friend. By that time he was working as office boy, waiter and in a car wash and it was from the radios of the clients cars that he first got in contact with Hip Hop and Rap.

Sombra is part of São Paulos Hip Hop scene since the nineties when he joined SNJ which already has been voted best Brazilian Rap group in the early 2000. Since his early years he focuses in his lyrics on protests on social inequality, racism and drugs.

Since 2010 he has increasingly focused on his solo project and in 2013 released his second album “Fantástico Mundo Popular.” This eclectic album based on Hip Hop beats passes from Reggae and Ragga to Afrobeat and regional Brazilian music styles as well. It was produced by Marcelo Cabral and Daniel Bozzio from the Matilha Cultural collective who were already responsible for Criolos excellent album “Nó Na Orelha,” explaining the album’s diverse rhythmic and sonic approach, mixing digital production with live instruments.

Check some snippets from the studio sessions:

The song “Chuva de Gente Estranha” featured on Kafundó Vol. 1 is a wild mix of ragga beat and Northeastern rhythms and elements such as the flutes and the Forró style swing. That flavor is reinforced by the flow of guest MC RAPadura and São Paulos jack-of-all-trades guitarist Kiko Dinucci contributes with his crazy riffs.

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