Formed in Olinda, Pernambuco in the northeast of Brazil, Superlage is the of duo Dj Incidental, who covers beat making duties while Ramon Alfaia (originally from the Amazon) plays bass, sings and co-produces. For this record, they worked with the singer from Pará, Jana Figarella, who brought the feel of Amazonian riverside culture and a flair for carimbó.

A (literally) unplugged performance on local television:

and, another version (this time truly live):

Their first self-titled release adventures through the nebulous and complementary styles of cumbia, reggae dancehall, baião and carimbó, pulled together by subtle electronic production in a dub style. Totally unique – cumbia sung in Portuguese, afro-brazilian percussion, full rich bass on a Jamaican tip – it is such a homogenous mix that it’s difficult to determine what it really is… “All of the these tracks have the chi-chi-chi of cumbia, which fits in afoxé, forró, samba or whatever – there’s no way to define it. It’s what you hear and think it is,” explains DJ Incidental.

Here’s one of their cumbia reggae tracks sung in portuguese:

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