Born in Monteiro, Paraíba, in the northeast of Brazil, in 1964, Totonho began playing and working with music at a very young age, eventually studied music at university and later worked with Rita Lee, Flávio José, Chico César, Carlinhos Brown, and many others.

He recently followed up on his last release of 10 years ago, “Sabotodor de Satélites,” with a new release that reflects the changing social conditiions, “Coco Ostentação”. The album came about from activist actions to independently bring music to public spaces around João Pessoa (which he also collaborated on with fellow Kafundó artist, Seu Pereira). This project helped to bring together people from different backgrounds and changed the way the musicians interacted with the public. Valorizing traditional music of the northeast and stimulating the creation of new songs, the album includes the participation of several well known musicians of the Paraíba scene, including Escurinho, Alex madureira, Os Gonzagas as well as Rica Amabis in São Paulo and Ricardo imperatore in Rio de Janeiro.

Totonho has a really paraibano way of doing things where the rustic aspects of his voice sit nicely side by side with electronic blips and blops. the regional dialogs with the universal, hip hop combines with the northeast brazilian sertão, this is the realm of Totonho. Sometimes narrative, sometimes scathing commentary on social inequality, he always works to bring the tradition of coco into a modern sonic setting. The result is the freedom to mix cultural codifiers within the world of traditional music. “A tradition is only preserved if the following generations accept it, participate and interact with it, and fot that, it should be adapted to the eyes of its time,” theorizes Totonho.

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