I have to admit I was a little confused with the popularity of our beloved Southern U.S. bred, “trap” music when I arrived in Rio. It was strange to come to a place, whose music carried such a mystique abroad, whose local music I had so anticipated hearing, to see people enamored with the music of the place I had just come from. But, after thinking about it a little bit, the genealogical connection between Funk and Trap music, both heavily influenced by the rhythms and sounds of Miami, Virginia, Memphis, made sense. They’re like twins who met up after years of separation.

One of leaders of the Brazilian Trap movement is the São Paulo-based production team of Tropkillaz. They probably don’t need too much of an introduction to those familiar with the global EDM scene, as they’ve been featured around quite a bit. However, their propensity to use Brazilian folk and popular music from around the country as a sample source deserves attention, and is something that we at Dutty Artz can definitely get down with. For an example, check out their remix of popular folk tune “Baiana” (also sampled on you FIFA 2014 video games by Karol Conka):

Tropkillaz is duo formed by two producers named DJ Zegon and Laudz. Zegon is a former member of the Hip Hop super group N.A.S.A. which heads might remember from the early part of the last decade:

Laudz has only been producing for 5 years but has a no less impressive resume in the commercial music industry.

Tropkillaz’ blazing song “Kizoombow,” a song sampling Eduardo Araujo that I’ve been known to refer to as “berimbau trap,” is featured on the Kafundó Vol. 1 compilation.

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