Kafundó Vol. 3: Electronic Roots from N/E Brazil

Kafundó Records is back with the third volume of their compilation series. This time, the focus is North and North-East Brazil, a region with a large Afro-descendant population, and a music scene that is heavily influenced by Caribbean sounds. This association with the Caribbean has helped foment a pride in Afro-Brazilian and Black culture in general. The result is a transnational stew where Coco meets Dancehall, Forró meets Dubstep, and Brega meets Moombahton. Carimbó with Wobble Bass, glitched out Dub Coco, Bahian Hip Hop Ragga, Moombahton Samba, to Maracatu Samba Dub Hip Hop and frenetic punked out Frevotron.

FurmigaDub, from João Pessoa, brings his trademark wobbles as well as a slittery guitar melodies to this Reggaeton Carimbó track, Saudadidela;  hailing from Arcoverde, in the heart of Pernambuco, Radiola Serra Alta definitively bring Coco into the realm of electronic music;  further exploring the Coco/Ragga, electric/organic connection, Chico Correa lays down an atomospheric Dub groove punctuated with berimbau and Totonho’s soulful vocals; based in São Paulo, Nirso, brings a mash up of Afro-Brazilian rhythms to a stripped down Moombahton/Cumbia context;  Opanije (Organização Popular Africana Negros Invertendo o Jogo Excludente – African People’s Organization of Negros Inverting the Exclusive Game) contributes a swinging Bahian Dembow tracks layered with shimmering guitarra baiana riffs; Lucio K comes with a stripped down remix of Melô do Vatapá from Bemba Trio, a big hit in the Salvador Dancehall Ragga scene; as the title suggests, DJ MAM (Rio de Janeiro) bridges Samba, Carimbó and Moombahton;  from Olinda, Superlage come with a smooth instrumental Cumbia Carimbó Dub;  from Rio de Janeiro, but playing a mix of music more known as being from the north of Brazil, Mohandas speak of missing of Pará (saudade); naurÊa, a group from Aracaju, plays what they call Sambaião, or a mix of Samba and Baião; Salvador Santo, from Olinda, chops up sanfonas and pandeiros and layers scratches and vocal snippets on top; the young rapper from Belo Horizonte, B.Réu, manages to meld Samba, Maracatu, Hip Hop and Dub into a seamless blend; DJ Mangaio comes with a dubbed out production of Coletivo di Tambor, a group he frequently collaborates with; while Frevotron (aka DJ Dolores and Yuri Queiroga) rounds it out with a frantic almost punk frevo electro-rocker with punchy horns, snares and crazy vocals by the one and only Otto.

“a whole new world is about to open up……Nearly every track delves into a different northeastern rhythm, always careful to avoid overpowering acoustic recordings with heavy effects – even the faint strains of triangle, a staple instrument in the region, carry through.” – Wax Poetics

“Awesome!” – Munchi

Release Date : August 12, 2015
Format : Digital
Label : Kafundó Records
Catalog #: KFD003
Cover Art by: Diego “Talacha” Gutierrez
Mastering: Krishnin at Blissonance
Compiled by: Maga Bo & SoundGoods (Wolfram Lange)

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