Mamah – Funk Nagô

A long-time veteran of the Salvador, Bahia music scene, having played with Lampirônicos and Coletivo di Tambor, Mamah’s first solo effort, Funk Nagô, is a subtle, yet complex, mix of genres, rhythms and references. Stylistically transiting between funk carioca, reggae, dub, carimbó and Bahian rhythms there is an almost imperceptible fusion of acoustic and electronic sounds.
The remixers, all of whom are Kafundó alumni, stretch the original into new and surprising directions. DJ Tide fattens up the reggae, dub, dancehall, brega side of the track, throwing down long tom fills and bubbling horn riffs. Telefunksoul & TrapFunk&Alivio bring an insistent 4 on the floor kick drum, creating a trancey vibe while emphasizing the percussion. FurmigaDub takes it into a psychedelic spaghetti-western, northeastern Brazilian sertanejo apocalypse zone adding electric guitar, wobbling bass, drippy reverb and a long evolving arrangement.

Release Date : October 9, 2018
Format : Digital
Label : Kafundó Records
Produced by : Lucimar de Jesus Soares, Enio Silva Nogueira, Bráulio Silva Passos
Catalog #: KFD011
Cover Art by: Pêu Sôlha
Mastering: Krishnin at Blissonance

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